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Good News for HSA Plans!

HSA Report

We have some good news about the Health Savings Account under health care reform.

It has be determined that the HSA plan will be be a qualified health plan under the health care act. This means that you can keep your HSA plan and not pay a tax penalty. This also means that you can purchase the plan design inside and outside the exchange.  This is excellent news! Many people in Indiana really like the HSA consumer driven health plans.

They like these plan designs because they are not paying for benefits they are not using. The plan is also very easy to budget for. Along with tax incentives! Under the IRS code, any qualified medical expenses could be tax deductible.

These plans have become very popular with people that are either low or high claims utilization. People with little claims like the low premiums. People with high claims like after the deductible is met, most claims are covered at 100%. (The 100% depends on plan design)

With this news people will be able to purchase these plan inside the exchange and may qualify for subsidies. It is possible that the insurance industry will use these plan designs as their primary plan in the Federal Health Insurance Exchange.