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Health Care Exchange Delays

laptop16Another week has gone by and the health care exchanges are still not up and running. This is starting to get very frustrating for everyone in the equation. Here at Nefouse & Associates, we have been pulling as much information as we possibly can for you.

Anthem looks to be the only carrier being proactive and not reactive at this point. So far, we have Anthem plans designs and the Anthem Pathway Network.

The network is a critical aspect of any health plan. The pathway network is at least 35% smaller than the Anthem traditional PPO network. This is going to create a tough decision for potential policy holders. Do I take the exchange plan with much lower premiums and have to switch doctors?

We are still waiting for master contracts on the health care exchange plans. The contracts will go into detail on what is covered and what is not. The drug formulary is another key component of any health insurance plan, and something we are still waiting on.

Usually all of this information is out before you go live.

The online enrollment process has had huge issues. We are hearing that initial applications for enrollment through healthcare.gov are not complete. There is rumor that 99% of the applications originally submitted do not have enough information for the insurance carriers to issue a policy. This was reported by CNN but there has been little coverage there after. If you applied thought Healthcare.gov, I think you should call the insurance carrier you applied with to make sure you have coverage starting January 1, 2014.

It looks like we will not be live until November. If you want network info or plan design info please contact us. We are happy to provide this information!